Samuel O’Toole – Blowjob Video

Hey there guys, here’s the freshest and newest Samuel O’Toole video that we have for you. This time the horny hunk finds himself in a pool side fucking for this gay fuck adventure of his. He went to a local pool but the place was deserted, but he was happy, he decided that he’d enjoy it just the same as he’d get to have all the place to himself to do as he wants. And you know what that means. He was intending to get dirty once again and jerk off in a public space once again. Let’s see what happened though.

As he was jerking off beside the pool and enjoying his self pleasuring session, he was caught by one of the pool guys and he was really shocked. He though he was solo there. But turns out that the guy wasn’t expecting explanations. He wanted Samuel’s big dick in his mouth and he wasn’t about to take no for an answer. So under threat of being thrown out of the pool, SamuelOtoole allows the horny guy to suck on his big cock today. Watch as he moans in pleasure of the blow job delivered today and enjoy.


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Samuel O’Toole Video – Outdoor Sucking

Well this time we bring you something special. Today we have a Samuel O’Toole video for you to enjoy. Samuel and another one of his buddies decided to take some time off and go on a little trip. The purpose of the little outing itself was for the guys to enjoy some fresh air on the great outdoors, but knowing Samuel you can imagine things took a rather interesting turn as they always seem to do with him. But anyways these hardbritlads jump in the car and drive off in their little excursion.

Once they find a nice spot they disembark and they take some time to view the scenery in all it’s beauty. that’s until Samuel takes to his naughty side once again and pulls out his dick to show it off. the other dude seemed to be getting turned on as well so he went ahead with Samuel’s lead also getting his dick out. Watch as the guy starts to masturbate furiously as he sucks on Samuel’s big dick in today’s update everyone. Rest assured we’ll be back nest week with another one of this stud’s sex adventures.

Insane Threesome

For today your favorite and horny gay porn star Samuel O’Toole finds himself in the middle of a threesome with another pair of horny dudes that just want to fuck and have fun this evening. Samuel was actually called by one of them and asked if he’d be in for a threesome, and you know our guy, he’s always horny so this was quite and offer he couldn’t refuse for the world. So the three meet up at a hotel room to engage in a nice three way fuck fest full with all the good stuff just for your viewing pleasure.

As they start to undress they caress each other’s bodies and kiss passionately, but it’s clear that one of them has to bend over to take the fucking and Samuel is always keen to be on the delivering end of a fucking. Once they decided their ranks Samuel and the red headed guy offer their cocks for sucking before putting the guy in the doggie style position. And afterwards they take turns fucking the guy’s ass harder and harder. Enjoy seeing these horny dudes having their fun today.We’ll see you next week like usual. Until then visit the website if you are looking for similar galleries.


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Samuel O’Toole – Hardcore Fucking

Another fine day, and time for the horny Samuel O’Toole to sink his cock in yet another eager ass for this awesome and sexy gallery we have for you today. This time Samuel enlisted the help on another one of his buddies to help with his hornyness. His buddy needs no other works to entice him to come over so he just bolted to our guy’s residence all eager and thinking about what’s going to go down. And you can bet Samuel himself was really happy to see his old buddy as well.

The guys waste no time taking directly to Samuel’s living room getting undressed to start off the whole sex session. Samuel gets his cock sucked nice and deep by the juicy lips of his friend and once his all hard he’s ready to deliver a hard fucking. So he ends his buddy over in a doggie style position to get a better chance to go deep inside him. Watch him as he delivers a balls deep and thorough anal fucking to his friend in this afternoon. Like always we hope you liked it here and we’ll meet again soon. If you’re l0oking for similar SamuelOtoole content and you wanna see other horny hunks fucking each other, check out blog and have a great time! Bye!


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Samuel O’Toole Porn Scene

In today’s Samuel O’Toole porn gallery we have another sex encounter with the stud and one lucky dude. Samuel was at a club tonight and he intended to get himself a nice and tight piece of ass to fuck tonight, so he headed there to scope out the area and see if he’d have any luck finding another stud to his liking so he could fuck his ass. soon he laid eyes on a hot fraternityx guy that stroke his interest so he got into a conversation with him to see if he could push his luck. Well as they were heading back to his place we say he got lucky.

On the way home the dude told him exactly what he’d want to hear, that he’s usually submissive and he always wants to be the one getting his ass plowed by a big cock. So all smiles when they reached Samuel’s place the guys started kissing passionately while Samuel was undressing the guy. Afterwards, he allowed the dude to suck his cock after which he bent him over and started fucking him from behind. Watch as Samuel fucks the guy’s tight ass balls deep today and enjoy!


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Hard Workout

In this week’s update Samuel O’Toole takes to the local gym for a afternoon workout. He didn’t get a chance to a gym lately since he’s been so busy with the updates and photo shoots. But today he made sure to find some extra time to get to enjoy his time working out that sexy and muscled body that you guys love so much. It seems that it’s a full house today so our guy takes him time to work his body thoroughly before he’s ready to leave, so he practically goes at just about every machine.

But people start to leave eventually and when he’s left by himself he starts to feel turned on. Yeah you guessed it, he’s all alone again and you can’t leave him unsupervised at any time. Well he had one great excuse to get naughty though, he thought that if he worked his whole body, why not also work out his big dick as well. So he went to a more secluded spot in the gym and pulled down his pants to show off his dick. So watch him as he masturbates for your viewing pleasure at the gym. Enjoy everyone! Check out blog and enjoy watching other horny guys jerking off their huge cocks!


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Army Fantasy

Samuel O’Toole is back from his short vacation and today he’s presenting you with the outcome of one of his outings during the said vacation. He did take a trip to a army camp and he got to fulfill his dream of actually being able to do some skydiving with a group of soldiers. Well all went well until he landed away from the group in a remote location. Turns out he actually planned to do that, as he’s really turned on by the idea of wearing army gear. So he took his cam out to make a special shoot just with him.

As soon as he landed he checked the space around him to make sure that no one else was there and started his little self satisfaction session with all the paratrooper gear still on him. He somehow manages to get out of his clothes and keep just his underwear on just in case someone might spot him. So with that he pulls his big cock out and starts to masturbate fast and hard while the camera is on auto taking pictures automatically. We hope you enjoy this quick update from your favorite guy and we’ll see you next week with the regular. If you liked this hot gay and you wanna see other sexy hunks jerking off their monster cocks, come inside island studs blog!


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Samuel O’Toole – Doctor’s Treatment

Samuel O’Toole returns this week with a special treat for everyone to see. This time the guy felt the need to do a solo shoot and show off his hot body and big cock for the cameras. so he set off to do one solo shoot in which the focus was just him and his incredible body. He’s looking just like the guys from the AsiaBoy blog! And to be frank you guys have requested him to do this sort of thing for quite a while now, so it seems that he also set off to please you guys. We are pretty sure you won’t want to skip this one as he might be taking a short vacation.

Samuel finds himself in a doctor’s office and he seems to have been all left alone and unsupervised, and if you don’t know Samuel you’ll know him after this gallery. See he has a hard time sitting still when he’s all alone and he just has to do something about it. Today he felt really horny after the doc walked out so since he was already naked he started to jerk off. So watch him as he masturbates while the doc is gone. Suffice to say that our horny guy sure made a mess of things and he had allot of explaining to do. Enjoy this video and if you’re looking for similar content and you wanna see other hot guys stoking their huge cocks in front of the camera, come inside website! Enjoy!


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Ass Fuck

Hey there once again dear viewers, we bring you one more Samuel O’Toole update today and Samuel here is about to unleash one serious fucking on his buddy this night. You see the two got into a discussion earlier and Samuel’s buddy didn’t believe him when he told him that he packs a serious cock. So these hot bisexual men made a little bet. If he’d be impressed he’d put up his ass for grabs and take that big piece of man meat in his tight ass. Suffice to say he was impressed by the size of Samuel so he had to bend over.

And this was the moment that your favorite guy was waiting for. He does allow his buddy to suck on his cock in the beginning to get him nice and hard and lubed for that ass to give it a nice stretching. So without further due, watch the guy as he’s put tops down and bottoms up as he takes one hard core anal fucking from Samuel’s big and hard dick. We’re sure you’ll enjoy this scene and rest assured we’ll have more ready for you next time.


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Samuel O’Toole – Anal Destruction

Samuel O’Toole is back again this week with another sizzling hot update for you to enjoy. Seems that lately this alpha male is quite fond of growing himself a porn stache. But we digress. In this gallery you get to see him putting his big man meat between the but checks of a very horny guy who is a really sex addicted, just like the guys from the Breed Me Raw blog! Samuel picked him up last night at a local bar and they seem to want to continue their fun session in the morning as well. Oh be sure they fucked all night long as well but sadly we don’t have that content. Not yet at least.

But when the guys woke up, it seemed that the horny Samuel was still very hard from last night’s fucking and his friend was also eager to help him with his problem. They don’t take much to get into their positions and start fucking as the other guy bends over to present him with his tight ass that’s ready for another hard and deep pounding by that big cock. So watch Samuel as he fucks his buddy up the ass once again in this superb gallery we bring you today. See you next week with more of him! If you liked this video update and you wanna see other hot hunks fucking, check out some free like em straight vids. See you soon, friends!


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