Window Peeper

This is what happens to guys that don’t mind their own business and instead keep peeping at other people’s windows. Samuel O’Toole doesn’t really enjoy being followed around so he thought this guy a lesson. We forgot to mention that this guy is straight. Now things got a lot more interesting, right? Well, the straight guy got a piece of Samuel and that piece was his hard dick up his tight ass. The poor guy didn’t know what he was getting into with this Samuel. If there’s something he doesn’t like that gotta be people not mind their own business. He caught this one at one of his windows, he was trying to see what happens inside.

Apparently, the guy was curious to see why there are so many guys coming and going from Samuel’s house. Well, he got the response he was looking for and Samuel actually¬†showed him what goes on in the house when there are guys around. He took him upstairs and showed him live how he deals with noisy people. The window peeper got his straight ass stuffed for the very first time by Samuel. We can’t say we feel sorry for him, Samuel was nice enough to actually show him what goes down in the house. This is going to be the last when we are going to see him peeping through windows in other people’s houses. Make sure you check them out in the exclusive gallery below!


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Samuel O’Toole – Lend a hand

Mr. Samuel O’Toole has a new scene and had some help with this one as well. While moving one of the guys thought to lend him a hand with more that his furniture. The guy was more than happy to help him around with whatever he needs and that offer extended so much that Samuel got to his ass for a quick fuck. Who knew that moving can be so much fun? Samuel called a company that takes care of this kind of things and while he was in his new house he got the chance to check out some of the guys working for him that afternoon. Most of them were pretty young, so this probably is a summer time job.


Well, you know what these guys need, some extra walking around money and Samuel had more than enough cash to help these guys out. It took him a bit to pick one and once he did, Samuel went straight to him and tested him to see just how loose he is. The guys he went to was completely broke so this turned out to be a good day, cash wise. Samuel got his hands on the little help and he did an amazing job in the bedroom as well. See the hot help in action in the gallery below and watch him lending a hand and getting his mouth and ass stuffed by your favorite stud SamuelOToole. Enjoy!

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The White Party

Samuel O’Toole throws some of the hottest parties around here, and nothing tops his white party. All of them end the same way, with Samuel having some, behind closed doors, fun with some of the guests and by that we, of course, mean taking cocks up their asses. Well, this is definitely our kind of party and we are sure that you guys will enjoy it as well. The guys enjoyed the party like everyone else, except that when it was time to leave instead of going home the guys went to the garage and had their after party there. Samuel was in charge that his guests had a great time and cater to their every need and there were a few thing he took care of that evening.

Mr. O’Toole and two of his guests got involved in a more physical party that included all of your favorites, dick sucking, ass hammering and of course the guys had to eat one another’s ass out as well. This party has it all so make sure you see the guys in all the action. Being three involved in it the guys could switch it up between them until the last part of it where there were two guys on one. Samuel was also involved in it and by the end of the scene, he got both of his both stuffed by two hard dicks. Check him out in this exclusive update. Enjoy it and see you next time with more!


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Samuel O’Toole – Cram Session

Your favorite hunk is back, Samuel O’Toole is here with a fresh new fuck scene for you guys. The jock is back in action and he found a new fuck buddy to pound in this cram session. After seeing him in was obvious that Samuel would be attracted by him. He’s just his type, tall, handsome and he was really curious about trying out a black guy. So he got it all in the same guy, now the cram session may begin. The jock was working at a store next to his house so it was an easy pick for him. Samuel went in there to buy some things for the house and ended up bringing the sales guy with him too. He wasn’t on the shopping list but he couldn’t pass on that.

When he saw him bending over the shelves he knew that his fine ass was going to be his. After he paid for what he bought, Samuel slipped him the address to his house. The jock didn’t disappoint him and showed up right after his shift was over. It was a long shot but it worked. Once he got a glance at his rock hard body and that fat dick of his he knew this was the right move. Samuel couldn’t wait to cover that pretty face of his with jizz, which he did later that day. Make sure you check out the entire scene. Enjoy it!


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Sexual Reflections

When you thought things just couldn’t get hotter, here’s Samuel O’Toole and his new update. This guy just can’t stop and besides that, guys just keep on falling on his lap wherever he goes. Yes, Samuel has a really good life. He found this one at a store and had to bring his home and test his little ass out. Samuel went shopping and in one of the stores noticed this guy staring at him, but not a very subtle way. Yeah, this guy wanted to be noticed and Samuel showed him just that. Now that both of them were in the game it was Samuel’s turn to make his move. He doesn’t play around so he went straight for it and invited the guy at his place to get to know one another better.


The cute salesman had an afternoon he won’t forget too soon and all of it thanks to Mr. O’Toole. Everything took place in his bedroom where Samuel played a bit with the things around the room and shoot some really nice scenes in there. So while the dude was busy blowing his dick Samuel was trying to give us a better look at this butthole using the mirror behind him. This was all for today but make sure you check out the entire thing to see just how far these two got. Enjoy it and make sure you return for more steamy updates!

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Samuel O’Toole – Closet Case

The horny twinks got to meet Samuel O’Toole a few days ago. Next, to meeting him, they also got to meet his hard dick as he was drilling their asses. Not a bad way to spend your weekend and believe or not Samuel was actually there to help one of his friends. He didn’t have some alone time with the wife for a while so they went off this weekend and asked Samuel to look over the house and the boys. Well you know how teenagers are, they are a handful and these two couldn’t stop asking dumb questions. Both of them were getting ready to leave for college so they had a lot of questions about experimenting and try new things with other guys.

They were finally out of the closet and they were ready to mingle and test out as many things as possible. Both of the twinks knew that if they insisted long enough Samuel is going to cave and actually show them some things. The guys were right because Mr. O’Toole caved and it happened really fast, so instead of telling them, he decided to show them. He took them one by one in the bedroom where the guys got to ride his hard dick. We don’t know how much the twinks learned for this all but at least we got another great SamuelO’Toole scene. Make sure you guys check it out and we’ll see you tomorrow with another one!


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Samuel’s Perspective

Not bad Mr. O’Toole, not bad at all. In case you were wondering who’s the lucky guy, that’s Samuel O’Toole getting the sloppy blowjob. Why not change the perspective if you can and the guy down there couldn’t care less. So after a really long wait, we have Samuel in charge of the camera. In this one, we are going to see what goes down from his point of view and it’s not a bad perspective at all. The blond guy was a common friend that came over to ask for some cash and while he was there Samuel thought to test out his new camera. He already knew that this guy is as dirty as you can get so he was perfect for the job.

He obeyed Samuel’s desires and once the camera started rolling the hot guy spent quite some time on his knees trying to please Mr. O’Toole. This camera thing was actually a really good idea because this way we get to see all nasty things that happen for Samuel’s perspective and it’s a damn nice view. And besides this way things are a lot more personal. After the guy finished with his dick it was time for Samuel to do his thing and he nailed it as usual. You just can’t go wrong with him and see him fuck this dude’s ass is another proof of that. See the entire footage from SamuelOToole point of view below. Enjoy it!


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Samuel O’Toole – Artistic Touch

Samuel O’Toole makes everything a lot more interesting, including art. He was invited by some of his friends to check out this new art gallery and never did he thought that he was going to end at his place with the artist taking his dick up his ass. But that’s how things work for Samuel. He isn’t a big art fan but all of his friends were going so he thought it was going to be a relaxing night out. Once he got there, the room was packed with people and everyone was all over this guy. Samuel didn’t expect to see such a young guy. Usually, artists make it after a certain age, but this guy beat the odds. Samuel got more and more interested in him and after the crowds of people left him to breathe he made his move. Damn this guy is hot!


Samuel told him about the pieces he has at his place and invited him to check them out. The truth be told he didn’t own shit, it was just a lame ass excuse to get him at his place. You’re wondering if it worked, well check them out in the scene below! We think Samuel knows what he’s doing with these guys and his radar is on point so once he got the guy at his place he was all his, the artist didn’t even bother to ask about his pieces because both of them knew they weren’t there. Another job well done by Mr. SamuelO’Toole!

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Samuel O’Toole – Soothing Touch

This time we have Samuel O’Toole in the massage parlor getting things in motion. A lot can be changed by a soothing touch and some oil, but the rubbing was what it started it all and got them where the two of them are now, on the massage table fucking. Samuel made a weekly appointment to this massage parlor and until this time all he got was a massage. There wasn’t anything else involved until they hired this new guy around the place. The new guy wasn’t too familiar with all the rules from the parlor and to be honest he couldn’t care less about them. When he saw someone that he liked he was going to get him and having him butt naked on the table made things a lot easier.

When he saw Samuel entering the room he knew that he was going to get his hands on his fine ass. He asked him to undress in the next room and after the massage session begun. At first, the horny masseur minded his own business and focused only on the massage but as he got closer to the towel it was getting harder and harder for him to focus on his job. Samuel noticed that and helped him out a bit and once the masseur got Samuel’s approval he returned to doing what he likes the most and that’s banging hot guys! Check them out in action in the scene below and don’t forget to return for more tomorrow!


Check out Samuel fucking his hot masseur!

Power Of Negotiation

Hey there! Samuel O’Toole has returned with yet another great update and this time the hot jock got caught in the middle of some intense negotiation that finished with Samuel fucking a tight ass on top of a car. It’s a lot to take in all at once, we know. Let’s start from the beginning and explain to you how Samuel got here in the first place. Business was going great for him, so he thought to buy something to celebrate. After looking a bit on the market he saw this amazing car and went to meet with the seller. This guy was something, he was asking for a ton of money and he didn’t seem too open to negotiating the price.

But you never say never when we are talking about Samuel. This guy can get anything he wants and if he wants that car he’s going to get it. The power of negotiation at it’s finest in the scene below. Samuel listened to the guy and once he saw that the guy doesn’t like to negotiate in money he tried a more unorthodox method. Samuel tested him out and accidentally dropped his phone and once he saw the guy drooling at his ass, he knew that he was going to be his and so will the car. He was right about both of them by the way. See Samuel in action one more time in the scene below!


Take a look at Samuel drilling another fine ass!

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