Samuel O’Toole Video – Outdoor Sucking

Well this time we bring you something special. Today we have a Samuel O’Toole video for you to enjoy. Samuel and another one of his buddies decided to take some time off and go on a little trip. The purpose of the little outing itself was for the guys to enjoy some fresh air on the great outdoors, but knowing Samuel you can imagine things took a rather interesting turn as they always seem to do with him. But anyways these hardbritlads jump in the car and drive off in their little excursion.

Once they find a nice spot they disembark and they take some time to view the scenery in all it’s beauty. that’s until Samuel takes to his naughty side once again and pulls out his dick to show it off. the other dude seemed to be getting turned on as well so he went ahead with Samuel’s lead also getting his dick out. Watch as the guy starts to masturbate furiously as he sucks on Samuel’s big dick in today’s update everyone. Rest assured we’ll be back nest week with another one of this stud’s sex adventures.