Samuel O’Toole – Doctor’s Treatment

Samuel O’Toole returns this week with a special treat for everyone to see. This time the guy felt the need to do a solo shoot and show off his hot body and big cock for the cameras. so he set off to do one solo shoot in which the focus was just him and his incredible body. He’s looking just like the guys from the AsiaBoy blog! And to be frank you guys have requested him to do this sort of thing for quite a while now, so it seems that he also set off to please you guys. We are pretty sure you won’t want to skip this one as he might be taking a short vacation.

Samuel finds himself in a doctor’s office and he seems to have been all left alone and unsupervised, and if you don’t know Samuel you’ll know him after this gallery. See he has a hard time sitting still when he’s all alone and he just has to do something about it. Today he felt really horny after the doc walked out so since he was already naked he started to jerk off. So watch him as he masturbates while the doc is gone. Suffice to say that our horny guy sure made a mess of things and he had allot of explaining to do. Enjoy this video and if you’re looking for similar content and you wanna see other hot guys stoking their huge cocks in front of the camera, come inside website! Enjoy!


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