Window Peeper

This is what happens to guys that don’t mind their own business and instead keep peeping at other people’s windows. Samuel O’Toole doesn’t really enjoy being followed around so he thought this guy a lesson. We forgot to mention that this guy is straight. Now things got a lot more interesting, right? Well, the straight guy got a piece of Samuel and that piece was his hard dick up his tight ass. The poor guy didn’t know what he was getting into with this Samuel. If there’s something he doesn’t like that gotta be people not mind their own business. He caught this one at one of his windows, he was trying to see what happens inside.

Apparently, the guy was curious to see why there are so many guys coming and going from Samuel’s house. Well, he got the response he was looking for and Samuel actually¬†showed him what goes on in the house when there are guys around. He took him upstairs and showed him live how he deals with noisy people. The window peeper got his straight ass stuffed for the very first time by Samuel. We can’t say we feel sorry for him, Samuel was nice enough to actually show him what goes down in the house. This is going to be the last when we are going to see him peeping through windows in other people’s houses. Make sure you check them out in the exclusive gallery below!


Watch here this straight guy getting his ass hammered!