Twice The Tool

Samuel O’Toole brought us another hot update. This time he brought a different hunk that had the perfect ass for his hard cock and of course Samuel did an amazing job stuffing it. Samuel had a little crush for his next door neighbor and although he saw him checking him out he never did anything about it. He was in a relationship with his older neighbor. But the other day he heard some screaming and when he looked on the window he saw this neighbor leaving. This was his time! He went to his place to see if he was feeling ok, because he over heard their little chat and it didn’t seemed a friendly one at all. So they opened a bottle of wine and they ended up in the bedroom where Samuel made sure he stuffed his butthole in every position. See if you wait good things can happen to you. If you enjoyed our hunk Samuel pounding his sexy neighbor you must visit for another ripped hunk that sure loves to fuck and to get fucked. Enjoy it!

samuel otoole twice the tool

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