Sexual Reflections

When you thought things just couldn’t get hotter, here’s Samuel O’Toole and his new update. This guy just can’t stop and besides that, guys just keep on falling on his lap wherever he goes. Yes, Samuel has a really good life. He found this one at a store and had to bring his home and test his little ass out. Samuel went shopping and in one of the stores noticed this guy staring at him, but not a very subtle way. Yeah, this guy wanted to be noticed and Samuel showed him just that. Now that both of them were in the game it was Samuel’s turn to make his move. He doesn’t play around so he went straight for it and invited the guy at his place to get to know one another better.


The cute salesman had an afternoon he won’t forget too soon and all of it thanks to Mr. O’Toole. Everything took place in his bedroom where Samuel played a bit with the things around the room and shoot some really nice scenes in there. So while the dude was busy blowing his dick Samuel was trying to give us a better look at this butthole using the mirror behind him. This was all for today but make sure you check out the entire thing to see just how far these two got. Enjoy it and make sure you return for more steamy updates!

Enjoy watching this guy getting drenched in cum!