Samuel O’Toole – Summer Games for Men

Samuel O’Toole is back with his latest scene. He had some friends over and they ended up banging each other’s buttholes. Samuel got a call from some friends that were coming with some business in his town and he couldn’t let them say at a hotel, so he offered his house instead. He prepared them separated room and made sure he had everything in order until they arrival so he could spend as much time as possible with them. They only had one day to stay so he wanted them to have a good time. These two had a surprise for Samuel, they didn’t want to tell him on the phone but now they were a couple and had an interesting offer for him. The guys invited Samuel at a threesome and he gladly accepted. The hunk went to Samuel’s room because he had the biggest bed and got things started. Samuel made sure both of the guys had a good taste of his cock before her started fucking their asses on his king size bed. If you enjoyed this scene you must check out for more hunks fucking in hot scenes. Enjoy it and see you with more the next time!


summer games with samuel otoole

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