Samuel O’Toole – Suds and Studs

Hey there and welcome back. This time Samuel O’Toole got some friends for the scene and they sure had a good time together. They fucked each other all over the room it was so hot. Samuel threw a little new house party, he invited only his closest friends. They are very good looking, just like the guys from the Hammer VIP videos! After staying all day in the backyard drinking beers and making barbeques the moved all the action inside the house. They were already half naked so  it didn’t really took them too long to get completely naked and to start sucking each other’s cock and then taking turns on getting fucked on his red and black leather couches. Their neighbors sure had an amazing view because the guys hurried up and they forgot to pull the curtain. but no one complained about the noise or the view so everything went well. If you liked this scene you must visit for more hunk fucking and blowing one another. Enjoy it and see you later!

Samuel O’Toole Suds and Studs

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