Samuel O’Toole – Soothing Touch

This time we have Samuel O’Toole in the massage parlor getting things in motion. A lot can be changed by a soothing touch and some oil, but the rubbing was what it started it all and got them where the two of them are now, on the massage table fucking. Samuel made a weekly appointment to this massage parlor and until this time all he got was a massage. There wasn’t anything else involved until they hired this new guy around the place. The new guy wasn’t too familiar with all the rules from the parlor and to be honest he couldn’t care less about them. When he saw someone that he liked he was going to get him and having him butt naked on the table made things a lot easier.

When he saw Samuel entering the room he knew that he was going to get his hands on his fine ass. He asked him to undress in the next room and after the massage session begun. At first, the horny masseur minded his own business and focused only on the massage but as he got closer to the towel it was getting harder and harder for him to focus on his job. Samuel noticed that and helped him out a bit and once the masseur got Samuel’s approval he returned to doing what he likes the most and that’s banging hot guys! Check them out in action in the scene below and don’t forget to return for more tomorrow!


Check out Samuel fucking his hot masseur!