Samuel O’Toole – Roomies

Isn’t it nice? Samuel O’Toole has a new roommate, well he’s more a housemate. Either way, Samuel has a new fuck buddy around the house that he can bang anytime he wants. Samuel had a free room in the house that he never used so he thought that it might be interesting to have another guy live with him. It seems like a good plan so Samuel posted some ads. He didn’t have to look too long for a guy because he really liked the first guy that came. The guy was looking for a place to live but didn’t have enough money to pay the entire rent, luckily for him he was hot and that worked for him this time.

Samuel offered him a tour of the house and showed him the room which is going to be his. the place looked amazing, but the new guy knew that he could never afford a place like this. This was his lucky day because Samuel thought about a deal that might work for both of them. He was offering him a roof over his head but he had to do a thing or two for him instead. Samuel knew that he couldn’t turn it down and he was right. They had to celebrate the event and what better way to do that than with some ass drilling. We think the new guy is going to fit just fine in the house. See it all below!


Enjoy watching Samuel banging this guy’s ass!