Samuel O’Toole – Rise & Shine

Samuel O’Toole sure has a sweet morning routine. He always wakes up with a guy next to him so his morning routine is pretty much the same with him, getting his dick sucked and pounding asses. He picked this one up last night and he was lucky enough to spend the entire night with him. Nowadays it isn’t that hard to meet new guys, besides having so many online dating sites you can always get to a bar and do it the old fashion way. Samuel usually has guys lined for him, because he is pretty hard to ignore, so it’s a matter of him picking on and taking him home. After a quick look around the bar he found the lucky guy of the night.

This one was at the bar all by himself and there is where Mr. O’Toole starts working his magic. It’s always easier to hook up with a guy that’s alone because he’s clearly there to find some company and everyone knows that you can’t find a better company that Samuel’s. The guys chatted for a bit and then there they were on the way to Samuel’s place. Once they got there you know what happened, the hunks began blowing and riding dick all over the house and they continued their routine this morning as well. Like we said earlier, life can’t get better for Samuel. See them both in action in the scene below. Enjoy it!


Watch here this guy riding Samuel’s hard dick!