Samuel O’Toole – Remodeled

You never know what to expect from Samuel O’Toole. Your favorite jock always surprises us with some of the hottest scenes and this time is no different. Just by looking at the preview you can tell that the house repairs were a great idea. Just look at this hammering two of his employees. He wanted to change some things around the house for a while now and he finally decided to do something about it. Samuel hired some guys to take care of it and from time to time he came over to see how the work is going. After his first visit something caught his eye, two of the guys working there were looking too good for him to pass. And this is why his visits got more and more often.

It wasn’t the ideal situation because he never mixes business and pleasure, but for them he might make an exception. Samuel asked the two guys to meet him at the house on Sunday to talk with them about something. Mr. O’Toole was straight forward as usual and told the guys what he wants from them and now it was us to the guys. It’s not like someone can actually say no to Samuel, so they made that Sunday a lot more fun with some indoor ass pounding. You know that we don’t see threesomes that often around here so make sure you guys check them out. See you next time with more!


Take a look at this guy getting double teamed!