Samuel O’Toole My Kicks

Samuel O’Toole got another hot hunk on his list. This was actually the weirdest thing, have you ever heard someone say that they got fucked for a pair of kicks? Well, this guy did. Samuel was outdoor with some of his friends playing some ball when this guy came over to him and started talking about his shoes. They were a nice pair of kicks, but not that nice. At first, Samuel thought that the guy was a sneakerhead but then he figured out that he was actually obsessed with his shoes. Seeing that the guys weren’t going to leave too soon, Samuel thought he might get some fun out of this weird situation. The

The sneakerhead really wanted his shoes and he really wanted to pound his ass, so why not make a day out of it. Samuel invited him to his house to show him his entire show collection hoping that maybe he convinces him to make a small trade. Once Samuel showed him all his rare kicks the guy would literally do anything to get them. Like we said, in the beginning, it’s been a while since we seen someone getting fucked for a pair of shoes. But Samuel wasn’t going to let this guy go without even trying to get in his pants and today was his lucky day. This sneakerhead took things to a whole new level. Check out the entire scene below!


Take a look at this guy getting fucked for a pair of kicks!