Samuel O’Toole – Lend a hand

Mr. Samuel O’Toole has a new scene and had some help with this one as well. While moving one of the guys thought to lend him a hand with more that his furniture. The guy was more than happy to help him around with whatever he needs and that offer extended so much that Samuel got to his ass for a quick fuck. Who knew that moving can be so much fun? Samuel called a company that takes care of this kind of things and while he was in his new house he got the chance to check out some of the guys working for him that afternoon. Most of them were pretty young, so this probably is a summer time job.


Well, you know what these guys need, some extra walking around money and Samuel had more than enough cash to help these guys out. It took him a bit to pick one and once he did, Samuel went straight to him and tested him to see just how loose he is. The guys he went to was completely broke so this turned out to be a good day, cash wise. Samuel got his hands on the little help and he did an amazing job in the bedroom as well. See the hot help in action in the gallery below and watch him lending a hand and getting his mouth and ass stuffed by your favorite stud SamuelOToole. Enjoy!

Take a look at Samuel banging another guy!