Samuel O’Toole – Closet Case

The horny twinks got to meet Samuel O’Toole a few days ago. Next, to meeting him, they also got to meet his hard dick as he was drilling their asses. Not a bad way to spend your weekend and believe or not Samuel was actually there to help one of his friends. He didn’t have some alone time with the wife for a while so they went off this weekend and asked Samuel to look over the house and the boys. Well you know how teenagers are, they are a handful and these two couldn’t stop asking dumb questions. Both of them were getting ready to leave for college so they had a lot of questions about experimenting and try new things with other guys.

They were finally out of the closet and they were ready to mingle and test out as many things as possible. Both of the twinks knew that if they insisted long enough Samuel is going to cave and actually show them some things. The guys were right because Mr. O’Toole caved and it happened really fast, so instead of telling them, he decided to show them. He took them one by one in the bedroom where the guys got to ride his hard dick. We don’t know how much the twinks learned for this all but at least we got another great SamuelO’Toole scene. Make sure you guys check it out and we’ll see you tomorrow with another one!


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