Samuel O’Toole – Artistic Touch

Samuel O’Toole makes everything a lot more interesting, including art. He was invited by some of his friends to check out this new art gallery and never did he thought that he was going to end at his place with the artist taking his dick up his ass. But that’s how things work for Samuel. He isn’t a big art fan but all of his friends were going so he thought it was going to be a relaxing night out. Once he got there, the room was packed with people and everyone was all over this guy. Samuel didn’t expect to see such a young guy. Usually, artists make it after a certain age, but this guy beat the odds. Samuel got more and more interested in him and after the crowds of people left him to breathe he made his move. Damn this guy is hot!


Samuel told him about the pieces he has at his place and invited him to check them out. The truth be told he didn’t own shit, it was just a lame ass excuse to get him at his place. You’re wondering if it worked, well check them out in the scene below! We think Samuel knows what he’s doing with these guys and his radar is on point so once he got the guy at his place he was all his, the artist didn’t even bother to ask about his pieces because both of them knew they weren’t there. Another job well done by Mr. SamuelO’Toole!

Watch here this guy getting his ass drilled by Samuel!