Power Of Negotiation

Hey there! Samuel O’Toole has returned with yet another great update and this time the hot jock got caught in the middle of some intense negotiation that finished with Samuel fucking a tight ass on top of a car. It’s a lot to take in all at once, we know. Let’s start from the beginning and explain to you how Samuel got here in the first place. Business was going great for him, so he thought to buy something to celebrate. After looking a bit on the market he saw this amazing car and went to meet with the seller. This guy was something, he was asking for a ton of money and he didn’t seem too open to negotiating the price.

But you never say never when we are talking about Samuel. This guy can get anything he wants and if he wants that car he’s going to get it. The power of negotiation at it’s finest in the scene below. Samuel listened to the guy and once he saw that the guy doesn’t like to negotiate in money he tried a more unorthodox method. Samuel tested him out and accidentally dropped his phone and once he saw the guy drooling at his ass, he knew that he was going to be his and so will the car. He was right about both of them by the way. See Samuel in action one more time in the scene below!


Take a look at Samuel drilling another fine ass!