Pitcher or Catcher

If you aren’t a baseball fan, Samuel O’Toole will make you one. Samuel and his friends love playing baseball and to make it more interesting they have a lot of bets going on. The jocks have a simple rule, one win and asses get fucked, pretty simple, right? So what you rather be a pitcher or a catcher? Samuel definitely is a pitcher, his team rarely losses and that can only make us happy. He always had some of the best players around him and with those guys around it’s hard to lose. This was also the case last weekend when the guys had other game, with the same rule, except this time Samuel insisted on a foursome, two of the winners and two of the losers in the same bed. He knew that this is going to be amazing and that’s why he brought the camera with him.


Everyone figured out by now who won that game and the guys are men of their word so they kept their word and here they are. Two horny pitchers hammering two losing catchers. Samuel, as usual, was on the winning team and was on top of it, literally on top. We told if there a guy that can make a sport more interesting that has to be SamuelOToole. Nobody knew that baseball can be such an interesting sport. So are you ready for next Sunday’s ball game? We know how is going to win it but we’ll keep it a secret. You have the entire scene below so enjoy!

Click here and see these jocks hammering asses!