O’Toole Time

Your favorite guy, Samuel O’Toole is back. The horny jock found a new guy to pound and it’s all about him as usual. This guy was after him for a while and he finally got lucky. The blond stud lives right next to him and although it might seem hard to believe Samuel wasn’t interested in him. Maybe the fact that he saw him daily and that he always did desperate turned it off for him, who knows. The important thing is that the guy didn’t back off and kept on following him and trying his luck because of look at his today. Samuel was having a really good day and he wouldn’t mind pounding some too. He knew that his neighbor was always there when you need him so he was his first call that day. It would’ve been such a waste if these two didn’t hook up.

Samuel invited him over to his place and without too much work he got the hot stud sucking off his dick. He was a good backup plan and from time to time he might actually call him. It was nice knowing that you have a guy so close to that is always ready for some backdoor action. Samuel wasn’t going to let him leave without having his turn at this ass and it was amazing. You can see him getting pounded by Samuel in the picture gallery below. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time with more!


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