Mouth To Mouth Men

Samuel O’Toole is here with his latest scene and he sure had an amazing time fucking his new pool boy. He was kind of horny the other day and he started checking his pool boy while he was doing his job in the backyard. He knew why he hired him and now he can take advantage of his situation. Samuel was out of a serious relationship and he desperately needed a rebound fuck. He needs a sexy guy for doing this, one looking like the guys from the HisFirstGaySex videos. Let’s see if he found it!

In the last few days he tried to spent as much time as he could next to him and after he finished his work he invited him in his room to help him move some furniture. Samuel was sure that he was into guys because he saw his boyfriend coming after him at work. It was a long shot but it was still worth trying. Samuel, as usual, got what he wanted and ended up pounding his cute pool boy and his tight butthole in his king size bed. You really must see the entire picture gallery to see what happens next with your favorite hunk Samuel. You can also check out for more gay hunks pounding their asses.

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