First Time Glory

Samuel O’Toole got to experience his very first glory hole experience and he loved it. The hot and horny hunk loves to fuck other dudes without even knowing who they are. Samuel about glory holes a while ago but never got the chance to try it out for himself. Everyone around him kept hyping about it and that made him curious and got him to try it for himself. There was this pub that had a glory hole so he and his friends went there. Samuel was curious to see what all the hype was about. At first, he didn’t see what was that interesting about getting a guy to suck your dick through a hole, but he changed his mind really fast once he tried it for himself.

Samuel went in there a bit nervous but after his first guy, he was a bit more confident about it. Mr. O’Toole had the first guy do all the work for him and after he blew his dick he repaid him with a nice ass fuck. That was guy number one, but the list kept on getting bigger and bigger. You couldn’t take Samuel out of there, he finally got what the glory hole was all about and now he found a new way of spending his time. This was all for today but make sure you guys return for more scenes featuring Samuel tomorrow and until then check out some of the older updates.


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