Big Wet Payback

Samuel O’Toole is back and it’s time for payback. The ripped jock has returned to get what’s his and he does that by hammering this stud’s ass. Samuel had some things to take care of now that he;s back in town and that involved getting back at his ex-boyfriend. He fucked with one of Samuel’s closest friends, so now it was time to return the favor. He could’ve easily slept with one of his friends, but why keep it at the same level when you can get your hands on his actual boyfriend. You might think that Samuel had a hard time getting him, well you’ll be surprised to see just how easily he fell into the trap.

Samuel went to his workplace and took him out for a cup of coffee. From that small coffee place to his house it was a really short ride and once they got there Samuel finally got his and got even with his ex. The big wet payback, Samuel finally got his payback. Needless to say that Samuel recorded everything and Samuel’s ex was the first one to receive a tape of him hammering his boyfriend’s ass and it was amazing. You can check them out in action in the scene below and don’t forget to get back for more of steamy gay updates featuring hot stud Samuel. Until then you can also check out some of the older scenes.


Watch here Samuel hammering this guy’s ass!